STE ICP200E Automated system for plasma chemical etching in combined RIE and ICP plasma condition

System completely utilizes all necessary features of controlled plasma etching processes for semiconductors, dielectric and metal films. It is suitable for both chlorine and fluorine chemistry. STE ICP200E allows two types of plasma excitation: capacitive (cooled substrate electrode) and inductive (planar spiral ICP electrode).

Upgraded smaller reactor volume with optimized gas supply system allows to improve significantly the uniformity and reproducibility of the process as well as reducing the pumpdown time. A renewed reactor is optimal for etching recipe with the fast change of process gases (Bosch-process). Convenient routine maintenance of the system became easier provided due to a simple access to all internal components. Special bottom electrode design provides efficient helium cooling and wafer temperature control for etching processes.

The system allows combination of two modes of plasma chemical etching: reactive ion etching and etching in inductively coupled plasma in a wide process parameters window. RF generators are auto matically matched, thus ensuring stable plasma burning mode within the wide range of power values. System design provides wide opportunities for its configuration to solve individual customer tasks.

Ultimate pressure in reactor, Torr




Water cooling of reactor walls


Quantity of processed wafers at a one time:

diameter 2’’

diameter 3’’

diameter 100 mm

diameter 150 mm

diameter 200 mm

free shape








RIE generator max power (13.56 MHz), W


1200 (Option)

Bottom electrode generator max power (RF 13/56 MHz or LF300÷500 kHz), W

Not available

ICP generator max power (13.56 MHz), W


2500 (Оption)

Maximum allowed value of bias applied to the surface of lower electrode, kV


Wafers cooling during the process (controlled by the temperature of the coolant inside RIE electrode)

From -30°C

(-70°C – Option) to +80°C

Samples heating during the process, °С, not less

Not available

Etching (deposition) non-uniformity on ∅100mm wafer,% from the center


Quantity of gas lines in corrosion-resistant version, pcs.


Laser Interferometer for etching (deposition) rate control


Automatic wafer transport into the reactor and process controlby receipt