Fully equipped compact Nanolaboratory is intended for creating the wide range of semiconductor devices.

Complete set of Nanolab’s technological equipment includes:

  • Equipment includes a cross-functional scientific and productionunits, well designed for R&D in nanotechnology.
  • Completeness of the technological line provides a full cycle productionof the selected semiconductor nanodevice.
  • Supply of technical documentation for technological processes Innovativetraining process based on special training software.
  • Long-term and timely technical and technological support.

  • Equipment is oriented to R&D on substrates of Ø50.8 mm, with theenvisaged upgrading of equipment components with the ability to increasethe maximum diameter of the substrates up to 100 mm.
  • Systems are unified of substrate holders type.
  • Minimized maintenance costs for all equipment units.
  • Systems technological reactors are kitted out with viewports for maximumprocess visualization.
  • Graphical interface of process control is realized to simplify the processof specialists sequential training to perform various technologicaloperations.