Svetlana-Rost JSC new technological results

Multilayer AlN/AlGaN/GaN/AlGaN heterostructures were grown in "Svetlana-Rost" JSC using STE3N2 MBE system for high-power microwave transistors. Homogeneity of sheet resistance of 3“ diameter wafer is +/-1%.

Wideband amplifiers based on heterostructures grown in "Svetlana-Rost" JSC on SiC substrates have been implemented operating in the range 30 MHz - 4,0 GHz with a gain of 17-25 dB, an output power of 2.5 W and an efficiency of 30%.

In addition, the power amplifiers were obtained in C-band with output power of 10 W. Transistors have demonstrated long-term stability of parameters for more than 3500 hours at 850С.