SemiTEq released upgraded e-Beam evaporation system STE EB71

SemiTEq JSC released upgraded E-beam evaporation system STE EB71 in June.

Basic version of e-Beam evaporation system for high-quality thin-film compositions in UHV was released in 2008. The System intended for wafers up to Ø150 mm and allows to use it for lift-off technology (3x3” or 6x2”).

System was upgraded based on long-term successful operation by the final users. Upgrade was focused on improving the ergonomics and ease of maintenance STE EB71 for the end user. In particular, the following improvements have been carried out:

  • increased the maximum distance from the target to the substrate (up to 500mm) to reduce the impact on the electron resist;
  • decreasing of the working height for the better ergonomic as well as providing of better access for easy installation and maintenance of the ion source.

SemiTEq is also announcing this year's release of the upgraded installation e-Beam evaporation STE EB65, which will be intended for wafers up to 20x3'', 12x4 '' in the same process with the implementation of technology lift-off.