SemiTEq released enhanced STE35 MBE system

SemiTEq JSC has released an improved STE35 MBE system. Basic configuration of STE35 for growth A3B5 materials on substrates up to Ø100mm has been developed in 2008. Long-term operation testing in different conditions, as well as close cooperation with end-users, allowed SemiTEq’ experts to create a new improved STE35 system design.

Enhanced STE35 MBE system has a fundamentally new modernized growth chamber, which resolves several key objectives:

a) reduce number of ports for supplying nitrogen. For ease of maintenance are now all located on the lid of the chamber;

b) combine the two into a single cryopanels to increase the efficiency of consumption of liquid nitrogen;

c) increase the number of ports to install sources of materials, which is very convenient to use and will reduce the need for decompression chamber, ie, interruption;

g) realize the possibility of complete visual control over the passage of technical processes by increasing the number of viewing windows.