II-VI compounds

On the XIV International conference «II-VI compounds» which was held in hotel «St.-Petersburg» August, 23 — 28 2009, «ATC – Semiconductor Technologies and Equipment, JSC» presented materials about the newest product — Two-Growth Chamber Molecular Beam Epitaxy complex STE3526.

Two-Growth Chamber complex STE3526 is specially designed as a modern MBE technology platform for hybrid III-V and II-VI semiconductor heterostructures growing.

Field of application of STE3526 is R&D and pilot production of epitaxial nanostructures based on wide-band-gap II-VI materials (Cd (Zn)Se/ZnMgSSe) on high-quality III-V buffer layers grown on GaAs substrate. One of the special features of STE3526 is the possibility of high purity UHV wafer transport from III-V to II-VI Chamber to avoid uncontrolled contaminations of the GaAs buffer layer surface before II-VI materials growing.

Now installation of first complex STE3526 at Ioffe Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences comes to the end.