МВЕ STE3526: Hybrid heterostructures growth with III-V/II-VI heterovalent interface

MBE group of Professor Sergey Ivanov at the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute[1] operates with two-reactor MBE complex STE3526 and obtain the world class results.

  • MBE growth of coherent heterovalent AlSb/InAs/(Zn,Mn)Te quantum wells with magnetized two-dimensional electron gas.
    Experimental evidences of giant Zeeman effect for 2D electrons in the InAs QW have been obtained via studies of spin-polarized photocurrents
    Ya.V. Terent’ev et al., APL 99, 072111 (2011)
  • AlGaAs/GaAs/ZnSe/(Zn)Mn(S)Se double quantum wells for spin injection.
    MBE formation of neutral & thermodynamically equilibrium GaAs/ZnSe heterovalent interface. Initiation of ZnSe growth on GaAs (2x4)As surface decorated by a background Se flux - (2x1)As&Se RHEED pattern.
    I.V. Sedova et al., Int. Conf. MBE 2012, Nara, Japan, (2012)
    60% of tunneling spin-injection from ZnMnSe to double GaAs QWs has been demonstrated by magnetoluminescence studies.
    F. Liaci et al., phys. stat. sol. (c) 9, 1790 (2012)



[1] Ioffe Physical Technical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) is one the largest institutions in Russia for R&D in semiconductor physics and technology.