MBE STE3526: MBE growth of laser heterostructures

MBE group of Professor Sergey Ivanov at the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute operates with two-reactor MBE complex STE3526 and obtain the world class results.

MBE growth and studies of low-threshold ZnMgSSe-based QD laser heterostructures for efficient II-VI/III-N violet-green electrically pumped laser converters (530-550nm)

  • Concept of local mismatch strain compensation
  • Graded-index asymmetrical SL waveguide (GIW)
    I.V. Sedova et al., Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 171103 (2011)
  • Optimization of the ZnSe/GaAs initial growth stage (SF density ~104 cm-2)
    S.V. Gronin et al., phys. stat. sol. (c) 9, 1833 (2012)

Violet-green electrically pumped laser converters

  • Maximum pulse output power Pmax=154 mW (RT), llas=543 nm, quantum conversion efficiency - h=25.4%
    S.V. Sorokin et al., Electron. Lett. 48, 118 (2012)