Heterostructures based on GaAs

Level of background doping GaAs <1∙1014 cm-3

The results of measuring AlAs (a) and GaAs (b) layers thickness  in the superlattice GaAs / AlAs 34.3/100 nm by X-ray diffraction on 2 " substrate (deviation from the value at the center in %).

The results of Al composition (a) and thickness (b) measurements of 450 nm AlGaAs layer by X-ray diffraction on 2" substrate diameter (deviation from the value at the center in %).

C-V profile of the non-intentionally doped GaAs layer (residual carrier concentration below  1014cm-3

Sheet resistance mapping of the 4’’ MESFET wafer


The measurement results represented above were obtained in the growth department of JSC "Svetlana-Rost"