>> 2001 

Establishment of SemiTEq JSC by engineers from Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

>> 2001-2003 

Deep modernization of Soviet molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems

>> 2003 

Release of EPN3 MBE system for A3N compounds growth

>> 2005 

Start of serial production STE3N MBE system for A3N compounds growth

>> 2007-2008 

Development and release of first plasma chemical etching and deposition (STE ICP), e-beam evaporation (STE EB) and rapid thermal annealing
(STE RTA) systems

>> 2008 

Release of STE35 MBE system for A3B5 compounds growth

>> 2009 

Release of first two-reactor STE3526 MBE system for hybrid nanoheterostructures A3B5/A2B6 compounds growt

>> 2010-2011 

Foundation of Application Lab to develop the basic technological processes, demonstrate products capabilities and confirm its declared characteristics

>> 2011 

First export supply of STE3N MBE system to Delhi, India

>> 2011-2012 

Release of versatile compact STE75 MBE system for A3B5, A2B6 and A3N compounds growth. Export supply to University of Toronto, Canada

>> 2013-2014 

Release of magnetron sputtering systems: STE MS150 for a wide range of R&D applications and STE MS900 for batch wafer processing

>> 2015

Release of upgraded STE35 MBE system for A3B5 compound growth on substrates up to Ø100mm with a new growth chamber design

>> 2015-2016 

Release of new generation of versatile platform for plasma chemical etching and deposition STE ICP200. Modernization of e-beam evaporation system STE EB71 and rapid thermal annealing system STE RTA100

>> 2016-2019 

Development of vacuum technological equipment set within the framework of the Union State of Russia and Belarus scientific and technical program

>> 2022  

Release of new STE35R MBE platform combining up to 6 modules through robotic UHV cluster tool 

>> 2023  

Release of upgraded STE ICP200 and STE MS900 systems with automated cassette wafer loading