STE3526 Two-reactor MBE System for growth of hybrid heterostructures А3В5/А2В6

Two-reactor STE3526 MBE System is specially designed for growth of hybrid heterostructures А3В52В6 taking into account all specific of MBE growth of these material systems.

STE3526 is intended for R&D activities and pilot production of epitaxial nanostructures on the base of wide band А2В6 materials (Cd(Zn)Se/ZnMgSSe etc.) using of high-quality GaAs buffer layers, previously grown in А3В5-reactor.

The specific feature of the System is providing of ultra-pure UHV transport of wafers from А3В5-reactor to А2В6 one avoiding uncontrolled contaminations of GaAs growth interface.

• “Lab-to-Fab” ideology, allowing carrying out activities from fundamental research to pilot production of heterostructures
• special effusion cells for Al (cold lip) for stable operation and Ga (hot lip) for obtaining of structures with low density of oval defects
• valved cracker cells for V and VI group materials
• sufficient tools for in-situ monitoring of growth process in basic configuration
• specially designed growth manipulator, providing high temperature uniformity and heating/cooling rate dynamic
• rapid process start up due to intensive technological support
• simple System operation and regular technical maintenance

Ultimate residual vacuum in growth chamber

after bakeout

<5·10-11 Torr

Max. diameter of wafer

100 mm or 3х2” block

“Effusion cell to wafer” distance

135÷210 mm

Effusion cells shutters design

rotary mechanism based on magnetically

couplet rotary motion with non-impact

pneumatic drive

Material of shutters blades

tantalum (standard),

molybdenum, PBN — optional

Design of growth manipulator heating element


Max. process temperature of growth

manipulator, not less


Temperature of wafer degassing in preparation

chamber, not less


Bakeout temperature of growth chamber,

not less


Ion pumps capacity:

– growth chamber

– preparation chamber

– load lock

800 l/s

500 l/s

300 l/s