Our Advantages

R&D policy

Developing products we use our own R&D experience in semiconductor technologies. Our expierence allows to optimize equipment technological requirements, based on specific features of particular compound of semiconductor materials. All design solutions are tested and proved by technological practice.

Basic technological procedures are supplied to the user togetherwith the equipment, thus providing fast achievement of up-to-dateprocessing level.

  • All construction equipment solutions are based on materials features
  • All equipment include active technological know-how
  • All equipment is provided to the market only after pilot models experiments
  • All samples are tested in the Company’s Application Lab
  • We provide comprehensive technical and technological support

Technological support

On-site technical training of Customer's experts is included to commercial offer. Enhanced process training, including development and implementation of client-oriented processes, can be provided optionally.

Integrated systems

On Customer request non-standard configurated Systems can be delivered. Systems design can include UHV integration with different vacuum systems, such as UHV tunnel microscope, Auger spectrometer and other vacuum analytic systems.